Ten years after its founding EGAT expanded into EGAT GROUP with the creation of EGAT Industrial Development Co. (EIDCO) and the expansion into brand new products.  These included the production of Solar Energy Systems, a product that we feel will pave the way into the future and provide our society with modern and cost efficient energy.  We also introduced new technologically advanced split systems and residential air conditioning units, products that are unlike any others in the market.

In 2006, EGAT GROUP, took on an exciting joint venture to boost sales and effectively market our products in Qatar as well as other countries in the Gulf such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Today, EGAT GROUP is the largest central air conditioning manufacturing corporation in Egypt with three extremely efficient plants and a complete range of air conditioning / air treatment products.  We have made it our mission to continue expanding by finding new ways to improve and grow in our area of specialization, air treatment and air conditioning.

Our stringent quality control policy has made EGAT GROUP a name synonymous with quality and reliability.  As a result of our successful quality assurance policy, EGAT GROUP is a certified BS EN ISO 9001 company.

EGAT GROUP also takes safety very seriously and does not make any exceptions.  Due to our strict safety restrictions, EGAT GROUP is also listed with America's UL (underwriters laboratory), one of the very few companies in Egypt to be granted such an honor.

Our emphasis on quality and safety extends throughout the group of companies and starts with a professional management team, some of whom have been with EGAT GROUP since its inception.  Managerial stability has been important to the growth of EGAT GROUP and has enabled educating and training our work force at all levels to meet our professional requirements.

EGAT GROUP's employees enjoy numerous benefits such as housing, free medical supervision and treatment, and transportation.
In addition to being profit-oriented, EGAT GROUP is also socially responsible and has played a significant role in raising the standard of living for hundreds of families and contributing to the employment in Egypt.

At EGAT GROUP we take the future growth of our business very seriously.  We are continually introducing new products to our range and are always striving to improve ourselves and the community we live in.

Dr. Ashraf Elattar
Chairman and Co-CEO

In 1986, EGAT GROUP started out as a small manufacturer by the name of the Egyptian German Air Treatment Co. (EGAT) with a limited range of products in the central air-conditioning field.  These products included grilles, diffusers, and Air Handling Units.

EGAT later moved on to manufacturing other air-conditioning components such as fire dampers and air washers.  With these new additions EGAT's sales figures grew steadily.

In the mid 90's a major strategic decision was made to enter the automobile air-conditioning market.  This proved to be a sound decision as the policy of the company is not to depend on one product and the company saw a drastic jump in its sales figures. EGAT worked with FIAT of Italy and their partners in Egypt, Nasr automobiles, for which they developed air conditioning systems for a wide range of vehicles.

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ManagementThe executive team at EGAT GROUP are essentially the organization's foundation, they bring together a set of skills and experiences that drive our continual success and help make us who we are today.

Certificates:  EGAT GROUP pays the utmost attention to the quality and safety of all of our products, and as a result we have obtained ISO 9001 certification as well as become UL Listed.

Our Partners:  It has always been our mission of to work with only the strongest and most reputable names in the HVAC industry, this is how the company started and it is just one of the many reasons that our customers can depend on us.

Achievements:  EGAT GROUP takes great pride in being involved in some of the most successful projects in Egypt and across the world.

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EGAT GROUP wishes all of our friends a safe and enjoyable summer!